How to Sing Vibrato: Exercise and Technique

Many people all over the world love to sing but not all of them can sing. Some people say those who can sing are just gifted with talent and they are not. There are actually ways on how you can improve your singing. With ample practice equipped with proper techniques and training strategies you can sing even the highest of notes in no time. Dedication and determination is all you need if you want to improve on your singing.

Singing vibrato is one of the many singing abilities and skills that many people aim to master and be good at. But trying to sing vibrato at first can be really hard. With the ever changing pitch and speed, one can find it difficult to follow. But when you get the hang of it, you might find singing vibrato pretty easy. However, you need to develop some patience as mastering the art can take a long time especially when you don’t know how to do it. Nevertheless, once you master singing vibrato you’ll be amazed at how magically you can sing now and how wonderfully your song will sound.

Getting started with your lessons on how to sing vibrato is probably the hardest stage of your practice. To start something is always the hardest thing anyway right? But once you have finally mustered up some guts to start your journey on how to sing vibrato you will soon discover how fulfilling it can be. Don’t get frustrated the first time if you don’t find your voice just yet. It takes time and practice. But once you do, it will become pretty easy to sing vibrato and you will surely enjoy how wonderful your singing has become.

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Now before you start any practice or training, you have to first know that when you hear a singer with a good singing vibrato voice, it doesn’t take just talent and practice but technique as well. And that is what you need to develop over the course of your practice and training – the right technique for singing vibrato. It’s not really hard to develop a good technique, you just need to practice regularly.

The easiest thing to do if you’re just getting started on learning how to sing vibrato is to do vibrato exercises. This is a fool-proof method to hone and warm up your vocal chords for a vibrato singing. You need to do this to get the feel of what it’s actually like. This will enable you to feel comfortable with this kind of singing and for you to be able to practice it as well. So what do you need to do when doing this exercise? You need to do is to put the palm of your right hand on top of your belly button on the soft part of your stomach just below your ribs then start singing.

How to Sing Vibrato

How to Sing Vibrato

Try to sing an easy note that you can easily reach and feel your stomach going in and out with the palm of your hand still on top of it. Try to do at least 3 to 4 pumps each second and recognize how different it feels to sing that way and how your stomach feels when you sing like that. Practice this exercise for as long as it takes until you’re familiar with how it feels. This exercise will help you better understand where you vibrato is coming from, the first step in your journey. Once you have discovered this, you’ll able to fully incorporate it into your everyday practice.

If you want more techniques on how to sing vibrato here is a step by step guide you can follow to develop your technique and hone your singing skills.

  • Soften your jaw. Also, raising the soft palate enables you to sing vibrato more vividly. This technique is the same as yawning in which your mouth is opened as large as it possibly could while maintaining a U shape at the back of your mouth. You tongue must also be pushed down to be able to belt out the vibrato better. Keep this mouth position while singing the vibrato. You have to remember how to keep this position continuously when singing. It may be difficult at first, hence you need to practice this position until you are no longer conscious of it and simply allow it to happen naturally.
  • Now take a deep breath, not through your nose but through your diaphragm. Your diaphragm is what you will be using when you sing for longer breaths instead of your nose. This part also takes practice until breathing through your diaphragm every time you sing becomes natural.
  • Place your right palm on your stomach just below your bottom ribs and sing notes of your range preferably a middle-range. This is the easiest note to sing and for which you can easily feel the vibrations on your diaphragm.
  • Now that you know how it feels to sing vibrato with some mouth and breathing techniques, all you need to do is practice frequently until you can make such mouth positions, breathing skill and vibrations come naturally.

These are just some ways on how to sing vibrato. Incorporate good technique with practice and some skills, you can certainly improve your singing voice. All you need is some practice, patience and determination to be able to sing vibrato fast.

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How to Increase Vocal Range: Exercise and Tips

Not all of us were naturally gifted with a beautiful singing voice. Moreover, not everyone can even increase or expand their vocal range. We are all born with a certain limit to our vocal prowess. There is a certain a range of notes and pitches that we are limited to as individuals. What most people do is just make the most out of those notes that they can reach. If you are questioning if there is possibly a way or method through which you can expand your vocal range, well, there is! No need for vocal surgeries to expand your range as this can even impair your singing ability forever but through the use of certain techniques, tips and practice that you need to do.

There are actually ways on how to increase vocal range naturally. With proper exercise and practice, you can expand your vocal range to notes and pitches you never even thought you could reach. One way can expand the range of your voice is by mixing chest voice and your head voice. This is a very technical method but can greatly expand vocal range. It also takes a tremendous amount of time to master as well. In case you are wondering, your chest voice is your normal, speaking voice. If you want to know how your chest voice feels to practice, simply put your palm on your chest and feel your chest vibrating and resonating as you speak.

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Your head voice on the other hand, also known as adducting your vocal chords, contains less air and shortened breaths. If you want to know how your head voice feels to properly practice singing through this register, put the palm of your hand at the back of your throat and feel it vibrating and resonating as you sing. If you want to know if you are doing the mix correctly, simply put one palm on your chest and the other at the back of your throat and feel them vibrating and resonating as you sing. You know you are doing this method correctly if you can feel vibrations from both areas.

Since this method takes a lot of time and practice to complete, exercising your vocal chords can help greatly in practicing the mix. These exercises on how to increase vocal range can greatly help you reach higher and lower notes in no time. Here are the three important exercises you need to do to while practice mixing your chest and head voice together for a wider vocal range.

  • Head voice octaves – this exercise is a great way to help you recognize and connect with your head voice. This will also help you in becoming more aware of the feeling of such register of singing. This may be a little too advanced for some people especially for beginners who are still developing their vocal range but for those who are more advanced, this is helpful in expanding your vocal range and in connecting your chest voice and head voice. It takes a little bit more time and practice than you would want so please be patient. You will be amazed at the results thereafter. You can start practicing with a note that you can reach and feel comfortable vocalizing in to practice this exercise.
  • Octave arpeggio scales – these scales are really helpful in exercising your vocal prowess as it strengthens and develops your vocal range. You can start with any octave arpeggio scale and sing the following rhymes every after ½ step up: Nay, Nee Noh (pronounced as “no”) and Nooh (pronounced as “new”). If you really want to practice and exercise your vocal powers, you can run through all the rhymes in one key before moving a ½ step up and then repeat all. But when you begin feeling uncomfortable, rest for a while and resume only when you feel okay.
  • Compressed grunts or shortening cords – bursting out grunts are a good way to compress your cords to be able to belt out higher notes later. Start with exclaiming what resembles an “uh-uh” sound which is similar to the sound you make when pushing something heavy. And then directly blast a singing note that you feel comfortable in and use the word “mom” with that note, right after the grunt. By doing this exercise, you will notice that you’ll be able to sing higher and stronger notes with more ease.
how to increase vocal range

how to increase vocal range

As mentioned earlier, the key to widening your vocal range is to adduct. This exercise is actually a tool which helps you to learn how to adduct because it shortens your cords. When you feel that you are already doing good at this exercise you can move to doing head voice octaves right after. And if you practice this consistently, you will notice a difference in your singing abilities especially your vocal range in a few week’s time. But remember, once you begin feeling a slight discomfort, take five and resume only when you’re ready.

If you want further tips on how to increase vocal range here are some things you can do, along with the exercises to help increase your vocal range.

  • Stop, or at least, limit your drug and alcohol intake as these chemicals can alter your breathing which can affect your vocal range.
  • Always drink lots of water to moisturize and moisten your vocal chords
  • Stay away from having colds as much as possible

So there you have it, by following the exercises and tips on how to increase vocal range, you can increase the notes and pitches that you can reach in a few weeks.


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Singing Microphone: How to Find the Right One

If you are a singer, a recording artist or a dubbing artist, you know very well the importance of having a good microphone. Especially when it comes to singing, you will need a good singing microphone all the time to vividly hear the lyrics, clearly hear your tone and vocals and to make sure that there wouldn’t be any noise and echo on the final recording. The purpose of singing or recording is nullified if you cannot use a good microphone. Instead of entertaining the people around you and disseminating information, you will just annoy them and irritate their ears. Music is meant to be a pleasure to the senses but a poor quality microphone will not suffice and will  certaingly be detrimental to the success of your purpose.

That being said, you need to be able to choose a good singing microphone that can deliver your intentions and live up to your expectations. Choosing a great microphone for your purpose requires plenty of research and looking. While it is true that price matters to most people, it should not be your only consideration. This is especially so if you sing for a living. You need one that can clearly show-off your singing talent and will not break down on you anytime soon.

If you are looking for ways on how to perfectly select a good singing microphone, here are ways on how you can choose the best one for you. While price may be a factor it should not hinder you from exploring all your options especially if you are a professional singer. You need one that is superior in quality.

Singing Mircophone

Singing Mircophone

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  • First of all, you need to have a purpose set in mind as to what you will use the microphone for. Will you use it for live band performances or for studio recordings? Both require different settings and requirements. Also, keep in mind that microphones are manufactured differently as well. There are some meant for studio use only whilst there are those specifically designed for live performances. Thus you need to explore all the options available for you to be able to choose one that best fits your voice, singing style, and purpose.
  • If you are to sing live, you need to know that characteristics of a live microphone that would suit your needs perfectly. A live microphone needs, aside from good quality of sound, to able to endure all the pressure and physical abuse that it might encounter on stage or while on tour. It needs to be sturdy enough that even if it gets knocked out on the stage it will still be able to produce good quality music. Episodes of feedback are inevitable especially when you perform live, thus your microphone must also be able to survive consistent episodes of feedback. Lastly, a live microphone must always be able to produce good quality of music no matter the situation it is put in. There are some live microphones that cannot survive in hot and humid environments because there are factors such as moist or too much heat that causes it to breakdown. You need one that will allow you to perform no matter the weather and the climate its. A dynamic microphone is a simple kind of microphone that you can use for live performances and it fits perfectly into this category. Aside from being inexpensive, they are also the most widely used kind of microphone for singing live.
  • If you are singing in a recording studio, you also need to understand the characteristics of a studio microphone. Studio microphones are more sensitive to noise, as in any disruption in the environment – be it sound or movement changes. Studio microphones can easily translate such. Since studio microphones are more sensitive to noise, you need an environment to sing that produces or absorbs noise so it wouldn’t show up on the final recording. A condenser microphone is the most suited and most widely used kind of singing microphone for studio recordings. Despite being very sensitive, it produces great quality of music when used in a safe recording studio environment.
  • There are certain circumstances that allow you to interchange the use of each microphone respectively. There are instances that allow a live performance to use a condenser microphone while some studio recordings also allow the use of a dynamic microphone. By understanding these circumstances and situations, you will be able to properly decide which microphone you should get, especially if you do both studio and live performances. Knowing which kind of microphone you can best put to use will help you decide which one suits your needs and which one would be worth the money. Basically, if there’s a microphone that can do both then all the better!

These are just some of the tips to help you find the best suited singing microphone for your needs. Whether you are a live performer or a studio artist, you need a good microphone that can enhance and make your singing even better. Harga murah smart detox While these tips can be very helpful for your search, it is still advised that you try out different models and kinds before you purchase. Different models and brands have different sould quality, thus you need to try them as much as you can to see which one will suit your voice and music style best.

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Purchasing the Latest Professional Karaoke Software

Nowadays, spending quality time with your family and friends has been made affordable by  professional karaoke software. It is the best entertainment that can unite both the young and old together.

What is karaoke software?

Karaoke software is a downloadable software that consists of music that you can sing along with. In the past, people needed to be accompanied by musicians in order to be able to sing for fun. As the technology improved, karaoke studio was created so people will be able to enjoy singing along to their favorite music while having fun with their friends. When cd’s became popular, karaoke music were burned to cd’s so that people can simply play the video in their house and sing along to the music.

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With karaoke software, you will no longer have to go to entertainment plazas or buy cd’s to play in your TV. By simply downloading the software, you will gain access to thousands of songs all over the world. You can now enjoy singing along to your favorite music quote conveniently. Your music files would be kept secured and easily accessible in your computer or laptop. You can even use the free cloud backup system that comes with the purchase of karaoke software.

Benefits of Professional Karaoke Software

  • MP3 Audio File – All music files are in mp3 format for easier playback.
  • Customize – You are free to customize the music files according to your desire. This means that you can separate your favorites so as to make it easier for you to access them. There’s also an application that enables you to create your own slideshow of pictures. So while playing and singing your favorite song, you’ll also be able to view the photos that you like.
  • Sing All You Like – You can now sing anytime you like. And if you have downloaded the software in your laptop, that means you could also bring the music with you anywhere you like. So even if you’re having fun with your friends at the beach, or having a picnic with your family at the park, the karaoke software will keep you entertained all the time. You can even use it as background music while you’re on the plane or just spending some time relaxing.
  • Best Practice Tool – Do you dream of becoming a singer someday? Do you have a hidden singing talent? By using this software, you’ll be able to enhance your singing skills all by yourself. You can now practice anytime you want in your own private room.
  • Easy To Use – The software is easy to use. As long as you can read, the guidelines are very easy to follow. There are no complicated instructions given so if you’re already used to using computers and computer programs, you will never find it hard to work your way through its system.
  • Available Programs – The software comes with free lyrics and music sheets. So, you don’t need to search for the lyrics of the song anymore. You can print the lyrics anytime you want. The music sheets are also available in case you want to learn how to play your favorite song.
  • Create Your Own CD – You can record your voice and burn your own cd. The software comes with a program that enables you to record your voice while singing along with your favorite song. Once you’re done recording, you can choose to save your recorded voice, burn it on a cd and distribute to your friends as a gift.
  • Better Sound Quality – The quality of music is better than the ones that you are used to. The sound effects, backup singers and cool animations will make singing more enjoyable.
  • Pitch and Tempo Change – Want to sing the song in a lower tune or in a slower tempo? You can choose the tempo and pitch according to your preference. Singing in your pitch range and desired tempo will help you improve your singing performance.
  • New Songs – The software comes with free advertisements that give you the latest sets of karaoke music. This way, you can easily access the songs that you like and purchase them easily whenever you want to. You can even listen to preview of the latest released songs by your favorite artists.


Professional Karaoke Software

Professional Karaoke Software

I’m not a Professional, Why do I have to use Professional Karaoke Software?

You don’t need to be a professional to use the karaoke software. The software is the most convenient and affordable way of keeping your group of friends entertained. This software will be helpful to you if you want to save money but don’t want to compromise the special moment that you are going to spend with your loved ones.

When purchasing the software, you can choose the package that you prefer. Some software have fewer collections of songs than the others. In some cases, you can even customize the songs so that you will only have to purchase the songs that you like.


Where to Purchase?

You can purchase the downloadable karaoke software at any online music store. Different music stores offer different deals with different prices. The price may vary upon the number of songs available and the additional free programs that come free with the software. Due to insistent demand, the software is now mass-produced. However, you have to be careful since there have been reports of fradulent activities concerning the software itself. Make sure to purchase the professional karaoke software from a legit online store only.

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Choosing Your Personal Home Music Teacher

Did you know that with the help of an in home music teacher, you will now be able to learn music right inside your own house? If there are just too many things that are keeping you from going to school, you don’t have to feel left behind anymore because a music teacher can now go to your house just to give you the lesson that you have always wanted to take.

What is an in home music teacher?

Nowadays, homeschooling are becoming common to the society. Parents find it more convenient and safer to teach their own kids right inside their house. For many people, homeschooling is a more cost efficient option as well, given the fact that they no longer need to worry about school or gas fares on a daily basis.

The idea itself isn’t new. This type of teacher, the kind that goes to the student’s house instead of meeting them in school, has been around for quite a while now. It really is a great way to make the lessons available to the students who find it very inconvenient to go to the school.

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Benefits of Taking Lessons in Your House

  • If you are a mother who can’t leave your young ones behind, this set up will help you avail of the lessons while your kids are sleeping. Instead of sitting around while your kids are at school or taking a nap, you can take the lessons during your free time and not worry about sending someone  else to look after your kids.
  • If you are a typical shy person, taking music lessons inside your own private abode will make you feel more comfortable in learning what you want to know. The familiar environment of your house will also make you feel at ease and more relaxed all throughout the class period.
  • There are many sets of schedules that you can choose from. Teachers can accommodate your desired schedule as long as it is listed on their “class schedule options”.
  • One-on-one teaching is believed to be the most effective way of learning music lessons. There is too much tension when you know that there are other students around who are watching as you perform daily vocalizations and other class presentations. By taking the lessons without any classmates, you will never be scared if you take the wrong step or the wrong tune.
  • Since you don’t have to go to the school, you will never have to rush and wait for the traffic anymore. You can be comfortable in your house while waiting for your teacher. So when the class hour begins, you are perfectly relaxed unlike the tired feeling that you might get while on your way to the school.


Can I trust an in home music teacher?

In home music teachers are guaranteed to be trustworthy people. Their only desire is to provide their students with the highest quality of music education. All of them are professional vocal coaches that teach professional singers as well as amateur singers. They treat all of their students equally. Even if they already taught better and more talented singers than you, they won’t treat you differently and will only focus in helping you achieve your goal.


in home music teacher

in home music teacher

Time Schedule

An in home music teacher will arrive at your residence a few minutes earlier than the appointed class time to make sure that the lesson will start at the right time. In case the teacher will be late due to traffic and other unavoidable emergencies, the school administrator will let you know by calling you 2 days before the scheduled class. You are also free to cancel the class if you have other things to do. Make-up classes are available at times when other in home students cancelled their scheduled classes.


In Home Classes Rates

The payment rates for in home classes vary on the type of lesson that you’re going to take. Additional fee may also be required for homes that are a little farther than usual. Also, do note that different schools have different rates so be sure to check that out. Choose the one that gives the best service in order to attain the highest quality of voice lessons that you need.


Age Doesn’t Matter

A lot of people are worried about their age. If you are interested in learning music, don’t hesitate to enroll. Music can be taught to anyone who wants to learn. The key is to have the interest. If you are willing to apply all the lessons that taught to you by your vocal coach, you will never find it hard to learn the basics of music lessons.


When looking for an in home music teacher, here are some of the things that you must consider:

  • Experience – Doing  a background check is important. A teacher who has an educational background in music theory and has been teaching music for a couple of years or more is the best choice. Remember that you are paying to learn so you must be sure that your hard earned money will be well spent.
  • Relationship – You need to have a good relationship with your teacher. It doesn’t necessarily means that you must be friends and be engaged in other social activities together. When looking for a teacher, look for someone whom you are comfortable with. If you are a girl, you may feel more comfortable in taking lessons from a lady teacher. If you are a teenager, you might want to consider a teacher who is not older that thirty five.

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Taking Voice Lessons in NYC

If you are an aspiring singer, taking vocal classes in singing lessons NYC is the best way to start your singing career. The school allows the students to choose their preferred teacher among their high quality vocal coaches. All of them are well trained and dedicated in giving all their students the highest quality of teaching that they need.

Basic Lessons that you will learn from Singing Lessons NYC

  • Good Breathing – Every singer is required to maintain good breathing whenever he or she performs. The NYC vocal trainers use fun and excellent techniques of teaching students the proper way of acquiring good breathing and the ability to maintain it all the time. So instead of feeling pressured with the hard task, students will feel more excited in taking the lessons.
  • Proper Posture – Maintaining a proper posture while singing is not as easy as you may have imagined it to be. There are so many singers, even the professional ones, who find it hard to maintain a proper posture especially during live performances. For this reason, the excellent vocal coaches in NYC provide helpful tools in order to make the task easier for the students.  They have unique “proper posture lessons” that will help you apply the task easily.
  • Voice Warm Ups – The NYC vocal coaches believe that all singers are just like the athletes. Warm ups, which must be done before singing, are very important for them to be able to produce a voice with better quality. For this matter, the school integrates creative ways of doing the voice warm-ups that include jogging and running while doing the vocalization. They also implement group warm ups so that the students will be able to enjoy the task even more.
  • Diction – Singers are always encouraged to convey their songs in a way that the listeners can easily understand. No matter how beautiful your voice is, if the audience can’t understand a word of what you are singing, there will be no way that you can capture their attention. So it is the passion of singing lessons NYC teachers to help every aspiring singer in becoming more effective by helping them to sing the lyrics with clarity.
  • Perfect Pitch – The main goal of all vocal teachers is to help the students reach the perfect pitch. A beautiful voice would be of no use if you don’t have a perfect pitch. Among all the vocal lessons, teaching a student who doesn’t possess the natural ability of having a perfect pitch is the most challenging. But even though it is the hardest lesson to teach, regular and intensive ear training can help the student acquire and maintain the perfect pitch.


Singing Lessons NYC

Singing Lessons NYC

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There are many other things that you will eventually learn from the NYC school of music. All lessons can be acquired by solo or group classes. You can choose the time and day that you prefer to take the lessons. You can also cancel and go to make-up classes in case you have unexpected engagements to attend.


Reasons to Study in Singing Lessons NYC

  • One of the most important things in every singer’s life is to have the best vocal instructor that he or she would feel comfortable taking the lessons with. The music school in NYC has the finest and most skillful vocal coaches that have the ability to bring out the best in you.
  • They own high quality tools teaching that can help you understand and learn the lessons easier. Additional facilities are also available to keep the students entertained while taking a break from classes.
  • The school’s overall ambience is peaceful and free from pollution, which is perfect for all artists. The environment of the school will help the students to feel more relaxed during the entire classes.
  • The vocal teachers know their responsibilities. Every student is required to trust their teacher in order to make the classes flow without any tension that makes the learning process become harder than it should be. And once the teacher has gained your trust, it is one hundred percent assured that he or she will never break it.
  • You are safe with the teachers. All teachers in this school have gone through a thorough hiring process that included necessary reference and background checking. So, there’s nothing to worry about abuse or other types of misconduct.
  • The flexible schedule of voice lessons will also allow you to enjoy your life while studying. You need not stop working or miss vacations just to make it to the classes. You can simply go to the classes on a schedule that you’re most comfortable with.
  • The school accepts students from all ages. The vocal coaches believe that your age should not hinder you from showing your hidden talent and unique skills.


What if I didn’t become a good singer?

In case you were not satisfied with the first set of lessons that you’ve already taken, the school guarantees to pay you back your entire tuition fee. This warranty is implemented in order to ensure all students that they hard earned money will not be wasted.


The administrators of singing lessons NYC assure you that you will love every lesson that you are going to take here. Instead of getting bored and stressed by the necessary personal challenges, you’ll feel more excited in learning new things that could enhance your talent instead. The vocal coaches will keep you motivated throughout your classes that will help you reach your goal of becoming a professional singer.

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Singing Software – Paving the Way for Singing Greatness


Just like most things in life, you don’t get to achieve something great without working hard for it. There are no short-cuts to gaining success. You have to master the fundamentals and then improve on the nuances and intricacies of an art form before you can call yourself a master.


The same applies to singing. There are a lot of singing exercises that have helped professional singers reach the level of singing that they have now. Breathing exercises, lip trills, posture exercises, singing the 7 musical scales – you name it. Those are perfect ways to improve on your vocal talent. But there’s also another method that integrates all the elements of a good training program for singing. This is called a singing software, and what better way to hone your singing skills than to take advantage of technology?


There is a multitude of singing software out in the market today. In fact, there are professional singers such as Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams who have endorsed some of these products.


A singing training software can help an average singer (the vocalists mentioned are not natural singers but that’s a personal opinion) improve on his or her singing and make a career out of it is saying a lot. These days, you don’t need to have the best singing voice; you just need to have a singing voice that fits the style of music that you’re playing. This speaks for the diversity of genres existing today, which is a sign that the music industry is headed in the right direction. The musical taste of the collective youth today leaves so much to be desired, but that’s an issue for another day.

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What to Look For

A singing training program can come with instructional videos showing a host who is also a professional singer. The best ones are those that come with a recording studio plus a control panel that allows you to see your own voice and hear the results. Being able to “see your own voice” means that there’s a representation of how your voice sounds like through a graph or maybe the use of color coding (such as a line on a line graph turning red when you overreach yourself on a high note).  Having this feature in a singing software application allows you to spot singing flaws and be able to make the necessary adjustments on the fly.


The best feature in a training application? After going about the necessary adjustments as pointed out or suggested in the visual recording studio, you can play your recorded voice and be able to make a comparison on how you did before and after the adjustments.


The recording studio is a nifty application that gives you a full glimpse of what adjustments you have to make on the control panel and hear your own mistakes as you play the recorded audio. These vocal mistakes may not be apparent without either the visual medium or the audio or both. The application guides your improvement as a singer towards the right direction.


Speaking of the recording studio, the program should have extensive music genre modes so that you are trained the right way. You can’t train using the rules of an opera singer if you’re singing country music. The representations by graph on the control panel needs to coincide with the musical genre programmed in the singing software application.


Singing Software

Singing Software

A singing training program should have singing lessons and exercises so that you can work on the actual singing. Practice makes perfect, and the same rule applies to singing. You have to exercise and do warm ups for your voice muscles and the diaphragm as much as they are needed for athletes when doing strenuous physical work.  Being able to sing better isn’t all about technicalities after all; it’s also about having a good work ethic and a disciplined outlook on becoming better.


Choose the Best Product

Choosing the right product can be a tricky part. There are a lot of excellent products out there but there’s always a chance that you might spend your hard-earned money on inferior products.


The best way to avoid buying inferior products is to take advantage of money-back guarantee offers. If a product has a money-back guarantee, chances are the people who are behind the application are confident about their product. Being able to test trial a software application also lets you know beforehand if the software has all the tools and programs required to help you achieve your full singing potential. If a product isn’t right for you, you always have the option to look somewhere else.


Another great way to guarantee that you purchase the best software for a singing training program is to check on customer feedback from the internet. Look beyond the official website. Remember, Google is always there to give you all the information that you need. So read through the reviews and note down the pros and cons that have been pointed out on a consistent basis.


An Addendum

Once you’ve chosen a singing software application, you have to be disciplined enough to stick to the program. Don’t skip on a particular lesson just because you hate doing it. Remember, the worst thing you can do in training your vocals is to not focus on the fundamentals. Proper training counts as much as having a good work ethic. Once you’ve followed everything to the letter and have completed all the lessons, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve improved your singing voice. Having done that, your audience better be prepared for the level of awesomeness you’re about to deliver as soon as you take hold of that microphone.

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Guidelines on Vocal Warm Up Exercises

Singing can be a strenuous activity especially if you have to belt out a lot of high notes and have to sing lines that stretch for a long duration. There will be times when you won’t be in the best shape as far as the muscles that are involved in singing are concerned. That is why it is important that you do vocal warm up exercises before going on an actual performance. These exercises are important for preparing the muscles for the strain that singing causes. There’s always that risk of your voice suddenly going haywire just because your vocal chords or diaphragm muscles aren’t as flexible as they should be. Even the best singers in the world have to do vocal warm up exercises to ensure that they perform at their optimum level every single time they come up on stage.


Warm up exercises are necessary for a singing performance in the same way that stretching is necessary for athletes who are about to compete. Muscles can go on entropy if not used for a long time, and sudden physical activity can cause them to get injured. The same principle applies to singing. Perform the high notes while the vocal muscles aren’t ready yet and you might  as well destroy the whole performance.


In this article, the basic vocal warm up exercises will be discussed in detail. The three basic warm up exercises are humming, lip rolling, tongue trilling, and breathing exercises.

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Humming exercises are done for the sake of preparing the chest area and the vocal chords for heavy activity. What you have to do is blurt out the word is to say “hmmm” in a way that you’ll be able to feel a thrumming in your throat and the chest area. Humming is one of the best ways to start your vocal warm up. It’s easy and gets you prepared for other warm up exercises.

The first thing you should do is close your mouth, jaw and tongue. Relaxing the muscles is a prerequisite to proper humming, so that the right muscles are stretched out.


For the first step, say “hmmm” with the shift of the humming going upwards. Do this as if you’re asking a question. Do this in different durations. Feel the vibration in your throat area and the chest area as the thrumming shifts towards your nose and then finally to your head. Do this and make it a point to achieve a fuller and warm voice.


Do this exercise three times and for every pitch change you make.


Now do the same exercise but this time the shift of the humming should go downwards. So start with a high pitch and end with a deep baritone voice. The “hmmm” you produce should sound like you’re expressing disapproval. Again, feel the vibration in your vocal cords and chest area and do this exercise three times and for each pitch ranges.


Vocal Warm Up Exercises

Vocal Warm Up Exercises

Lip Trill

Lip trill or what others call the “motor boat” is one of the most important warm up exercises because it loosens up your vocal chords and helps you control the passage of air without causing a strain in the vocal muscles.


What you do first is imagine that you’re underwater and blow air out from your lips. Feel the vibrating sensation on your lips as you blow air from your mouth. You know that bubbling sound that people make when they exhale under the water? That’s the sound you should be producing.


The next part of the exercise is to do the lip trill but this time you don’t have to imagine that you’re under water. You need to relax your muscles first before you blow air from your lips. Do this by using the diaphragm muscles to control the exhalation of air. Now focus on having the air vibrate the lips. It’s also recommended that you place your hands on both sides of your jaw so as to avoid blowing your air using the lips.


Do this lip trill activity on a five note basic scale, doing each scale three times. It’s better to begin with a low note first and then work your way towards the higher notes. Then as you reach the highest note slowly work your way towards the lowest note.


Singing Musical Scales


Singing the musical scales “do re mi fa so la ti do (high)” was the best part in the music period during grade school. It’s like singing the alphabet and you’ll never forget them even as you grow up. To prepare your vocal chords and diaphragm for singing at your full strength, you can sing each musical scale and hold it for a duration of at least 5 seconds. Do this first for the low “do” and work your way up to the high “do” with each note lasting for at least 5 seconds.


Once you’ve worked your way up, do the same procedure but this time starting with the high “do.”


Next, you can sing the “Major Arpeggio,” which is the basic musical scale. Each note should be held for at least five seconds as well. Repeat each scale using a high pitch range, then shift to the lower pitch range. Repeat the major arpeggio scale using a higher pitch then finish it off using a lower pitch.




Doing warm up exercises is a discipline you have to observe before every performance. It’s imperative for the simple fact that it guarantees a good performance and it prevents the risk of damaging the muscles involved in singing. Some professional singers end up losing their careers because they stretch the limits of their singing and vocal instruments without doing the preliminary vocal warm up exercises and you don’t want that happen to you.

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Steps on How to Become a Better Singer

Everybody can sing. The question is whether you can sing really well. But if you want to improve on your singing skill, whether to impress your neighbors, girlfriend, or to embark on a professional singing career, you have to do it step by step. Singing isn’t just a skill you are born with, it’s something that can be developed, and if you train the right way, chances are you’ll be very happy with the results. Without further ado, here are the guidelines on how to become a better singer.


There are four steps you have to work on as you train your singing skill. Here are the steps that this article will delve into as you read along:


  1. Developing a proper posture for singing
  2. Proper breathing in singing
  3. Value of practice
  4. Achieve vitality in singing

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Developing Proper Posture for Singing

If you ever tried singing while sitting down, your shoulders hunched over and your back leaning forward or backwards, you’ll notice that you can’t sustain the notes in most stanzas. That is because poor posture doesn’t give you enough air that is required to sustain high and long notes. Standing up straight, with your shoulders just about forming a straight line just below your neck, helps facilitate the passage of air from the environment into your lungs and vice versa.


Here’s an excellent method for practicing proper posture for singing:


  • Put your back up against the wall, making sure that the back from top to bottom as well as the shoulders is properly aligned to it.
  • Maintain that posture for at least one minute. You can even do some inhaling and exhaling to get a good feel on what the posture does for your breathing in general.
  • Move forward without changing your posture. You’ll soon be able to familiarize yourself on how proper posture helps with your breathing. Maintain a relaxed state and make sure the shoulders are level with each other and that the arms are hanging down comfortably to either side.
  • Do this exercise daily until you are able to pull off this posture without even being aware of it.
How to Become a Better Singer

How to Become a Better Singer

The trick is to integrate proper posture with singing as naturally as possible. As soon as you hold a microphone in your hand, you go on auto-pilot and make the necessary adjustments in your posture.


Proper Breathing and Developing Your Singing Breath


Now that you’ve developed proper posture for singing, the passage of air between your lungs and the outside world should be smoother. But in order to make the most out of the air that you’re breathing in and breathing out, you need to develop proper breathing in order to pull off every note in a song. A song is composed of several stanzas and choruses, and what you do in-between breathing-wise is very important for being able to hit the notes right. A note can be a lot of different things. It can be a steady note that is high, low, or steady. Or it can progress with varying speed towards a high note or a low note. Being able to do all of these through our vocal chords is an amazing natural talent all humans have. These lessons should be one of the main focus in learning how to become a better singer.


If you listen to recorded songs, you’ll hear the sudden intake of breath between stanzas and choruses from most of them. The rule of thumb in proper breathing while singing is to inhale as much air as you possibly can before the next line in a song and to exhale at a pace that can sustain the length and the pitch of that particular line. Then repeat the process. This method of proper inhalation and exhalation is also dependent on your knowledge of the song, since you have to anticipate the time it will take for you to be able to pull off each and every line.


Here’s a great breathing exercise that you can do in order to improve your breathing while singing:


  • Go to a solitary room and bring a feather with you.
  • Toss the feather in the air and get an intake of air as soon as it’s airborne.
  • Do measured exhalations with the intent of bringing the feather as high up as you can.
  • Rinse and repeat.


Another good trick is to visualize the air while doing breathing exercises. This way you get a good feel for proper breathing. As you inhale, pretend that the air is heavy and visualize that it’s going down the full length of your body just below the stomach. You’ll feel your abdomen and lower body expand. Then exhale as slowly as you can. This way you can feel that the duration of your exhalation is dependent on the execution.


Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve perfected the proper posture and the correct way of breathing while singing, practice as much as you can. Sing whenever the opportunity presents itself. A good venue is while you’re in the shower. Of course, you have to incorporate everything that you’ve learned so far about proper posture and breathing every single time. As long as you keep on doing this, singing will feel more natural to you and you’ll feel a good rush surge through you every time you take hold of the microphone.


Sing from the Heart

Even if you are a good technical singer, you won’t make a profound effect on your audience if you only sing from your vocal chords. You have to sing from the heart so that your song will have that much added vitality necessary for inspiring the emotions that the song is supposed to evoke. This is the most important thing you have to remind yourself of in learning how to become a better singer.


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Different Tips on How to Improve Your Singing Voice

Are you an amateur singer who wants to know how to improve your singing voice? Or maybe you simply just want to improve your voice to impress your friends every time you go for karaoke. Whatever your reason is, having a wonderful singing voice can be something that we can be proud of. You might think that your voice is already good if you can sound like your favorite singer. But what we do not know is that there are some factors that needs to be checked before you can consider yourself a good singer. These are the things that judges from singing contests are often looking for.

A good voice should have proper tone, pitch, timing, and emotion. This can be achieved by regular practice. Try these different types of exercises to improve your voice. Exercises should always start with proper breathing. You need to have an adequate breath support if you want to improve the quality of your voice and to increase your resonance. To help you in doing this correctly, try taking a deep breathe and imagine yourself blowing on a huge fire the same way Superman does in the movies. Learn how to breathe in quickly and breathe out slowly. This is how we usually breathe while singing right? We need to breath in as quick as we can to follow the music.

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Then, proceed to your warm up exercises. Some people find it boring but this is the very important if you want to know how to improve your singing voice. Just like working out for our body, our vocal cords also needs to be warmed up and stretched before singing to avoid straining our singing muscles. Lip rolling is one of the best warm up exercise. This is very simple yet a very effective exercise. All you have to do is put your lips together then release an air pressure outside your slightly closed lips. This will produce a buzzing sound like a motorboat. Then start doing a Do to Sol and then back to Do. It will be much easier if you do the lip roll together with other body movements like turning your head up and down as you scale your voice range. Or, you can also do it while stretching and throwing your arms front and backward.


How to Improve Singing Voice

How to Improve Singing Voice

Another good voice exercise is humming. Humming is the most relaxed way of warming up. You can start with your mouth open and producing ‘Aahh’ or ‘Oohh’ sound. Then relax and close your mouth and hum as if you are singing a lullaby to a baby. Start from middle range then go higher and lower. You will know if your doing it correctly if you can feel the vibration on you lips, tongue and larynx. Relax while singing and try to put some emotion to it depending on the song you are singing. This will help your listener understand and feel your song.


Watch yourself in the mirror while singing or better yet, take a video of yourself. Observe yourself while singing. Your mouth should be wide open to form a big  “O” with your tongue resting at the back of your teeth. Keep your mouth and jaw muscles relaxed. This will allow you to sing fuller and expand your voice range. Listen to how you articulate the words. It should be clear to your audience so that they can get the message of your song and feel your emotion. Stand up straight and learn how to project yourself in front of your audience. Your confidence will add power to your voice. Observe how your favorite singers perform on stage. Listen to the way they control their breath, resonance, articulation, gestures, and techniques on reaching high notes.


Eat healthy foods. Drink lots and lots of water but avoid drinking cold, alcoholic, and dairy beverages. Do not drink any sweet and thick beverages 3 days before singing. Eat a balanced healthy meal an hour before singing. Exercise not just your vocal cords but your entire body on a regular basis. In other words, have a healthy lifestyle. You cannot improve your voice if you are sick right? Avoid smoking and too much alcohol. We all know some of famous singers lose their amazing voice because they stopped taking care of themselves.


Consult a professional voice instructor about how you sing. It is sometimes difficult for us to find our     singing flaws when we’re listening to ourselves. An instructor can provide you with an accurate and honest feedback on how you sing. They can also give you the best advice and proper training on improving your voice especially if you want to sing for a living. You can also sing with a musical instrument you like to guide you on reaching the notes correctly.


Try to challenge yourself by practicing the songs that you are having trouble with. It will be a great achievement for you if you overcome the challenged. It will also widen your knowledge and technique in singing. Keep on practicing and trying out different techniques. Even famous singers are still practicing  everyday to improve their voice.

A lot of people think that they cannot sing but you can catch them singing in private. All of us want to sing. Singing is another way of expressing ourselves if we are happy, in love, sad or depressed. Learning how to improve your singing voice need not be difficult. All we need is to know how to do it properly and practice a lot.

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